The Bergstad family consists of mum, dad and four kids. Ylva is 44 years old, composes and perform music and works as a psychologist. Johan is 44 years old and writes poetry, novels and about mindfulness. He also works as a mindfulness instructor and psychologist. Tuva is 15 years old and is in to horse back riding, singing, acting and has a vegan lifestyle. Lo is 13 years old and focuses on weight lifting and riding the mountainbike. Vide is 10 years old, playing, gaming and bicycling. Lion is 1,5 years old helping us to laugh and stay in the present moment. He has Downs Syndrome.

After journeys to Thailand, Vietnam, Senegal, Norway, Denmark, India, Egypt, India again, Thailand again and Spain we now prepare for Australia, New Zeeland, Tonga, Hawaii and USA.

We usually live in Sweden.

Johan, Lion, Ylva, Vide, Tuva & Lo